Keepers of the Future Childcare
N14911 Hannahville B-1 Road
Wilson, Michigan 49896
Phone: (906) 466-0279
Fax: (906) 466-9149

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Mission Statement

Child Care Center
It is our mission to provide quality childcare in an environment that is physically and emotionally safe and intellectually stimulating.  Our goal is to provide for and nurture the cognitive, physical, cultural, and social/ emotional awareness and development of each child regardless of color, religion, national origin, or ancestry, age, sex, or disability.

Early Head Start/ Head Start
The Inter- Tribal Council of Michigan, Inc. Head Start and Early Head Start Programs are dedicated to providing and advocating for quality services to pregnant women, children ages birth to five and their families.

Our goal is to improve social competence through a holistic approach of developmentally appropriate, family centered and culturally relevant services.

We are committed to delivering these services with a high level of respect to our children, families, and Michigan Tribal communities in order to promote strong healthy families.


Child Care
Ages 0 to 5
Contact us if your child is over 5 years old. 

Hours of Operation
Monday through Friday 6:30 a.m to 5:00 p.m

EHS/HS Eligible

Tribal/ non Tribal children ages 0 to 5

Monday through Thursday 9:00 a.m to 3:00 p.m Head Start/ Early Head Start

  • All children receive breakfast/ lunch/ p.m snack
  • All rooms follow the High Scope Curriculum
  • Developmental screenings available to all children.
  • Daily Culture
  • Music teacher once a week
  • Outside play
  • Great Start Quality Rated


Ages 0 to 3 $3.25 per hour
Ages 3 & up $3.00 per hour


Adult :  Children
Infant/EHS 1:3
Toddler #1/EHS 1: 4
Toddler #2/EHS 1:5
Preschool #1/HS 1:7
Preschool #2/HS 1:10

Daily Activities

Referral or Application Process

Childcare Enrollment Form


Director, Julia Schroeder

Assistant Director, Michelle LaBonte

Infant Room – Lead Teacher, Kim Burroughs 906-466-0279 Ext. 4

Toddler #1 – Lead Teacher, Sherry Dagenais 906-466-0279 Ext. 5

Toddler #2 – Lead Teacher, Stephanie Philemon 906-466-0279 Ext. 6

Head Start #1 – Lead Teacher, Stacy Reath 906-466-0279 Ext. 7

Head Start #2 – Lead Teacher, Tonya Smith 906-466-0279 Ext. 8

Large Motor Room 906-466-0279 Ext. 9

Infant/Early Head Start Room

Kim Burroughs, Lead Teacher 

Kristina Lattergrass, Aide

Nicole Sagataw, Aide

Sharon Klee, Aide

Sandy Webber, Aide

Cindy Poehlman, Aide

Alyssa Sagataw, Aide

Toddler/Early Head Start Room #1

Sherry Dagenais, Lead Teacher

Lorrie Meshigaud, Aide

Amy Cordy, Aide

Kerri Mack, Aide

Toddler/Early Head Start Room #2

Stephanie Philemon, Lead Teacher

Debbie Wotruba, Aide

Kate Terrien, Aide

Juana Meshigaud, Aide

Preschool/Head Start Room #1

Stacey Reath, Lead Teacher

Lisa Mabie, Lead Teacher

Melodie Asplund, Aide

Preschool/Head Start Room #2

Tonya Smith, Lead Teacher

Inez Gustafson, Aide

Joanne Relken, Aide

Sarah Shepard, Aide