Culture Committee

Culture Committee is composed of community members who volunteer their time to put on various cultural events. They meet on an “as needed” basis. Meetings are usually held at the Potawatomi Heritage Center.

Mission Statement

To provide tribal members and their descendents the best possible cultural choices by implementing various cultural programs, such as:  Potawatomi Language, Seasonal Ceremonies,  Annual Pow Wow and Annual Potawatomi Gathering of the Nations.

These cultural programs and events ensures hopes for the rekindling of our traditional values to preserve our Potawatomi Culture.  We must work together to protect our heritage and language so that the identity of our people remains.


  • Susie Meshigaud, Chairperson

  • Victoria Dowd, Vice Chairperson

  • Jessica McCullough, Secretary

  • Anna Larson, Treasurer

  • Mark Larson

  • Shianne Uskilith

  • Jill Wabanimkee

  • Molly Meshigaud

    Molly Meshigaud