Pow Wow

Hannahville Indian Community’s 45th Annual Great Lakes Area Traditional Pow Wow will be held in June 2021 at the Woodland Gathering Grounds, located directly behind the Island Resort & Casino Sweetgrass Golf Course on Hannahville B-1 Road.

Native Americans refer to a “pow wow” as a gathering to celebrate life. It is a time to visit, feast, sing and dance together. Pow Wows are not necessarily a performance for an organized audience, but are a time of sharing, reinforcing and expressing Native American heritage. The public is always invited.

The first dance of each session is the Grand entry at which time all the dancers are within the arena at the same time. Grand Entries are the best time to attend, but singing and dancing continue for hours afterwards.

The Master of Ceremonies (emcee) will keep everyone informed throughout the entire event. They make sure to keep everything running smoothly and make sure everyone knows what’s going on. If you have questions at the Pow Wow, you can always ask the emcee or a member of the Pow Wow Committee. The Pow Wow Committee headquarters is located directly behind the emcee stand in the Southern Pavilion.

Frequently Asked Questions

• Who is able to attend a Pow Wow?
Anyone is welcome at a Pow Wow. Visitors attending a pow wow for the first time are often unsure how to participate respectfully. Pay attention to what the emcee directs people to do and you’ll do fine. When in doubt, ask the emcee or a Pow Wow Committee member.

• Can anyone approach the drum?
Anyone can approach the drum and talk to the drummers between songs. One must be a part of the drum or invited by them to join the singing. Spectators are usually allowed to record and photograph the drumming unless the emcee specifically asks them not to.

• Can spectators join in the dancing?
The emcee will announce when there is an “Inter-tribal” dance. This is when anyone can participate, except for women who are experiencing their period. People of the Great Lakes area often refer to this as their “moon time”. During this time, women are very powerful and should not be around sacred objects.

• What is the etiquette for taking pictures?
Since the Pow Wow is a public event, photographs can be taken. There are certain times when cameras cannot be used such as an eagle feather falling, but the emcee will make sure to announce when pictures are not allowed. Be respectful and ask for individual shots.

• What is the etiquette on pets?
Attendees should not bring pets to a Pow Wow. However, if there is a campground within the Pow Wow grounds, pets are able to stay there.

• Is there any special attire that should be worn to a Pow Wow?
It is not appropriate to wear hats, swimsuits, extremely short skirts or shorts or halter tops when in the dance arena. Do not wear T-shirts or other items of clothing with profanity or inappropriate slogans. Everyday clothing is fine, just be respectful.

Remember that in each area you travel to and visit, things can and will be slightly different than our area. Different groups and have different customs and methods of doing things. Different is not wrong, just different. Be respectful of the uniqueness of each pow wow.

Vendor Information

If you are interested in being a vendor, please call Anna Larson at  (906) 723-2623. Spots with electricity are limited so call now!

Miss Great Lakes Competition

Overview and Requirements:

The Miss Great Lakes competition carries on the tradition of selecting a young, Hannahville Potawatomi woman to represent the community. It is open to enrolled tribal members and descendants of the Hannahville Indian Community who are between the ages 8-18. Contestants may not hold another Princess title. Contestants must not have any children or be with child.

Miss Great Lakes is selected by acquiring points in a variety of categories. Contestants must have knowledge of the customs, traditions and history of the Hannahville Indian Community. Contestants must also be in full regalia for all 4 grand entries throughout Pow Wow weekend, the interview portion which will be done by selected tribal members and/or workers of the tribe, and dance exhibition(s) which will be announced.

Miss Great Lakes Application Packet 2019

If you have any questions, call Molly Meshigaud at (906) 723-2274.