The Environmental Protection Program is part of the Department of Planning and Evaluation and offers an array of services to serve the community and its needs.

Mission Statement

To assist the Community in protecting, preserving, and managing environmental resources to protect human health to ensure quality of life for all tribal members.


Environmental Protection Program (U.S. EPA General Environmental Assistance Program)

  •  Solid Waste Management
  • Water Quality Protection
  • Environmental Planning and Management
  • Environmental Statutory Compliance Assistance
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Program Development and Administration


Water Quality Assessment and Monitoring (U.S. EPA Clean Water Act, Section 106)

  •  NPDES Storm Water Compliance
  • Surface Water Monitoring and Trends Analysis
  • Best Management Practices
  • Well Abandonment
  • Underground Injection Control Compliance
  • Wetlands Protection



Carol Bergquist – Director, Planning and Evaluation

(906) 723-2580

Carol directs all services of Hannahville’s Department of Planning and Evaluation, which includes all of the Environmental Programs. She works with staff on the implementation of their respective grants and assists in their coordination with other tribal programs and community development. Carol was instrumental in the development of environmental protection for the Hannahville Community and remains a determined voice in this area.

Scott Wieting – Environmental Programs Coordinator


Scott is the coordinator of two U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) grants that support tribal environmental protection activities.  These include EPA General Environmental Assistance Program, and EPA Clean Water Act, Section 106 (Water Quality Assessment and Monitoring) Program.  Program activities include Water Quality Protection; Solid Waste Management; Environmental Planning and Compliance; and Indoor Air Quality Protection.  Scott also performs general management, administration and evaluation of the Environmental Protection Programs.

Mike Schuster – Water Quality Specialist


Mike assists the Community in protecting and managing surface and ground water resources.  His primary duties include implementation of the Water Quality Assessment and Monitoring Program.  This includes collecting, uploading, interpreting and managing water quality data.  This data is critical in monitoring and maintaining the chemical and biological integrity of Reservation water resources.  He also assists in the development and revision of Tribal planning documents including Water Resources Management Plan, Wellhead Protection Plan, Wetlands Management Plan and Quality Assurance Project Plans.  Mike also assists with other environmental protection program activities as needed.