About Us

Hannahville is a growing and diverse community located in the heart of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

With the introduction of gaming in the 1980’s, the tribe has grown tremendously from a fledging, struggling community subsisting on minimal federally funded dollars to a growing and prospering community that is becoming a key driving force for the entire Central Upper Peninsula.

As of June 3, 2013, our current Enrolled Tribal Membership is 891. In the past 11 years our membership has grown by 3%. Since 1979 there have been 37 individuals adopted into the Tribe. As of June 3, 2013, the total of Registered Descendants is 439. Since 2010, 106 of them were registered.

Current statistics –
100 Rental homes
14 Rental apartments
33 Elder apartments…
39 Rent to own homes (HUD)
31 self owned homes
Totaling: 217 homes

The Tribe is very proud of its accomplishments and looks forward to many years of continued partnerships with the local communities.